Colombians have a disability*

Each day, millions of people with disabilities in Colombia struggle to make the minimum wage to live healthy, happy, independent lives. 

At Proyectos Tecnovo, we strive to provide equal opportunity to these vulnerable workers by creating an inclusive work environment that cultivates the universal skills of teamwork and creativity. These ideals can be clearly translated through the quality and variety of our products.

Approximately 15% of the Colombian population has some form of a disability, which is roughly 7.2 million people. Over half of those people are of working age, but because of the negative stigma and unjust laws, very few have a steady income. 

Employment Rates for Colombian Women with Disabilities*

No Income
Income < Minimum Wage
Income > Minimum Wage
No Income 3.8%

Employment Rates for Colombian Men with Disabilities*

No Income
Income < Minimum Wage
Income > Minimum Wage
No Income 5.4%
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