Our Process

Each product created at Proyectos Tecnovo goes through a lengthy process before it is put on the shelf. When you buy one of our products, you can take comfort in the fact that hard work and love were put into its creation.

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Each Tecnovo piece begins with in-depth market research into the current home decor trends where we conceptualize many ideas.

Once we have a fully-formed idea, we sketch it out and create digital mock-ups until we’re ready to move forward with the product.

Trial & Error

Once we feel confident in a product idea, we move forward by creating a physical prototype.

Occasionally, the product is ideal on the first attempt, but sometimes, we make adjustments to the piece based on additional market research to reach perfection.


Once a product is deemed worthy of production, we create templates and begin production.

Depending on the type of piece, this process can include filling molds, oven firing, wood carving, wax working and much more. This process can take several days and be quite difficult, but the hard work is worth creating the best possible product.


After the product has been crafted, it is time to decorate.

Each Tecnovo product is readied for embellishment and hand painted with precision by our skilled artists.


Once the product is finished and approved, it is hand packaged with the utmost care here at Tecnovo.

Next, it makes its way onto the shelves and into your home.