Our Story

Claudia Gaitan de Caballero had always wanted to own her own candle shop, but in 1997, she was diagnosed with cancer and told she only had weeks to live. Thankfully, Claudia survived and after she was cured of cancer, she opened the candle shop she had always dreamed of.

Three years later, Claudia’s friend pushed her to turn the shop into a foundation. Having a passion for helping others, Claudia turned the shop into La Fundación Proyectos Tecnovo in 2000, where she provides opportunities for people in vulnerable situations who are not given the chance to work in society.

Today, La Fundación still exists, but the primary focus of Proyectos Tecnovo is currently on expanding its reach into new markets across South America and the world. This evolution parallels with the push for an “orange” economy in Colombia, which promotes creative industries like Tecnovo.  

Years Empowering Individuals Living in Vulnerable Conditions

Claudia started selling candles from a small shop. 

The Foundation is started with 5 people.

Started Working with Homecenter at 2 locations in Bogotá and 1 in Medellín.

Began partnerships with boutique level clients like Dupuis and Arboleda.

Expanded projects with help and funding from USAID.

Our efforts have helped 100 soldiers, 27 ex-guerillas, 200 female victims of conflict, and 15 disabled people. 

We moved into our current location and opened the gift shop. 

We have graduated 500 people from our rehabilitation programs.

Focus is shifted to expanding business in the “orange” economy of Colombia.